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Amy Schiera
Amy Schiera
Amy Schiera

Vice President, Corporate Operations

Phone: (864) 679-4701 | amy@sandlappercapital.com

Amy Schiera is Vice President, Corporate Operations for Sandlapper Capital Investments, LLC. She serves as the head of investor relations and service operations and provides management and oversight of Investment Fund(s) operations. Her duties include all aspects of office management and accounting for investment operations as well as joint venture and strategic partnerships offered through or affiliated with Sandlapper. In addition, she is the Vice President, Corporate Operations and an Associated Person with SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC – Member FINRA/SIPC. Ms. Schiera has extensive professional experience in administration, office management and client relations. She previously served as an Investor Relations Coordinator for affiliated firm TIC Properties Management, LLC and worked closely with property asset managers overseeing in excess of 3 million square feet of institutional grade commercial real estate nationwide on behalf of over 450 individual investors whose assets were valued over $420 million out of an approximately $1 billion portfolio of over 8 million square feet. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Furman University with a double BA in Theater Arts and Music.
  • Sandlapper Capital Investments, LLC Vice President, Corporate Operations
  • TSWR Fund Management, LLC Fund Operations Coordinator
  • SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC Director of Customer Accounts and Associated Person